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Global tourism promotion is what we're all about, and that's exactly the service we provide. As a prospective client, we would like to invite you to be part of our expansive accommodation network, that will provide your place with the best possible exposure to attract that elusive guest.
Why Should You Advertise With Us?
Quality Design - With our simple yet slick design, we believe that first impressions last, and that's good for visitors and your business.
Our clever development techniques allow for fast loading times, and our hassle free layouts make the journey from our home page to your advert a pleasant one.

Visitor Focused Navigation - Starting directly from the Home Page, visitors will be able to find your accommodation quickly and easily with one of our 4 search methods - via clickable map, town, special category, or by selecting your accommodation's name. Holiday makers are exposed to as many of their ideal destinations as possible during a search, thereby allowing them to view all possibilities before making a decision.
As we continually rotate the listings under our various categories, you will be assured of attaining exposure.

Cost Effectiveness - With websites costing anywhere between R3500 and R15000 for development, as well as ± R150 per month for hosting, not to mention the extra costs for maintenance and search engine optimisation - using your advert as your own website or additional advertising platform, is an excellent and inexpensive way to have your establishment featured (and promoted) on the internet. This is especially true when considering that your annual renewal fee on our websites can quite easily be covered within just one or two bookings!

Our unique advertising structure is revolutionary, and is incredibly competitive when compared with other listing sites.

How do we do this?

- Firstly, your annual subscription fee is actually based on the effectiveness of your advert.
- Secondly, there are no monthly or hidden costs - it's fully inclusive.
- and Thirdly, we take NO commission on bookings. That's right, anything you make is yours to keep!

Your Competitor - With the internet being the single fastest growing enterprise in recorded history, and holiday bookings being a major part of online traffic and revenue generation - if you're not on the web, your competitor is! PlacesForAfrica will provide you with that ideal head start, with your own top notch mini website. You will benefit from "spill over" searches when visitors compare listings between various websites.
Remember, web users will normally click on more than one website for comparisons.

Our Competitiveness - We're here to do your marketing for you. With many listing websites popping up all over the place, accommodation owners can easily become confused, so we have to be one step ahead ... and we are! Not only do we compete by offering quality design, visitor focused navigation and cost effectiveness, we have a great team that provides our clients with excellent service. Our marketing and web development teams have many years experience within the industry, and work tirelessly to promote the main website amongst the various search engines.
What Do Subscribers Receive?
Your own 6 page website on, which includes the following:

- main page (showcasing your establishment's full description, photographs and accreditations)
- facilities & services page
- rates & specials page
- directions page (with map if applicable)
- reviews page
- an online enquiry and bookings form (any enquiry or booking will go directly to you)

A complementary advert on
A listing on one of our 9 provincial websites:

Inclusion in the PlacesForAfrica Mobile directory (for cellphone searches)
Access to your own login panel for updates
Statistical tracking
Benefits from PlacesForAfrica's online promotions. This includes search engine optimisation and pay-per-click campaigns.
And most importantly... commission free bookings!
How Much Does It Cost?
Our unique pricing structure is based on the amount of bookings and enquiries generated by your advertisement during a particular year.
Thus your annual fee is actually dependant on the effectiveness of your advert. This has all the benefits of a commission based site,
without the commission!

1st year of listing: R580 for the 1st year
(+ R200 setup fee)
Subsequent years:
SILVER: Up to 30 bookings* R580 for the next year
GOLD: Over 30 bookings* R780 for the next year

All prices exclude VAT at 14%

* Refers to the number of bookings (and/or enquiries) received during the previous year.
This does not refer to the number of hits (or visits) to the advert.

• The annual fee indicated is a flat rate. There are no additional costs.
• PlacesForAfrica takes no commission on bookings. Any revenue generated is for the client to keep in full.
How To Join
If you would like to feature your establishment on as well as its partner sites, simply click on the link below.
All the requirements for listing will be mentioned on the next page.

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